Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ZOOM Chicken Part 2

We finally went inside Zoom Chicken after driving past it like 100 times. It was a Korean place to the extreme, the menu on the wall had no prices, just the names in English and some Korean text. So I looked at the handheld menu which had no names of meals just prices in English and no pictures. So Stan pointed to a picture on the wall and we waited a while and then they charged us $17. For what we thought was one order worth of chicken. Which was somewhat outrageous but after getting home and opening it we found it to be an entire chicken parted up, fried and doused in tasty sauce with a side of a cabbage salad. So... not too bad I suppose but I don't think we'll go back since it's so confusing and not cheap. I was amused that the cute box they packed our chicken in said "Plemium Herb Chicken" instead of premium... :)

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