Sunday, October 17, 2010

At Home Sunday

I wasn't feeling too great on Sunday but we still went out for a little bit since it was a beautiful day. Just in the yard here at the hotel it's beautiful, this tree trunk was all twisted and intertwined with itself and I liked it. There are dozens of butterflies that float around on these magenta flowering trees. It was great to watch them... the butterfly perches on a flower and accidentally rips it off the tree, and it flies away as the blossom falls to the ground, over and over. I finally caught a photo of one holding still. This is a big fat guava on a tree right outside our window. Stan found a pile of coconuts to play with and I accidentally scared him by saying one might fall on his head, so he ran. I got a cool action shot from that :) We named the local cat Maxim, we see him pretty much every day, pretty sweet for a vagabond kitty!

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