Monday, November 8, 2010

American Memorial Park

On our last weekend we spent some time at the American Memorial Park in Garapan. It has a nice museum that's free, and a beautiful big park and beach. We enjoyed it for a couple hours but then while settling in on the beach it started raining! So it got cut a bit short, but still nice. Then we went home and swam in the hotel pool one last time.

Goodbye to Saipan!

What can I say? It was an amazing time, too short, but it'll still be nice to get back home and see family and friends. We've been away too long. But still, we make time for a little vacation in Japan on the way home for both our birthdays :) This is us on the plane! Byebye!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

PHI - Dandan

Just a couple snapshots of nothing in particular... just to have a memory of what the place looks like! It's a very neat, tidy, clean, open, airy place. Very nice.

Goodbye to Poon's

One of our favorite lunch spots -- I snapped a photo of the menu so we can remember it! Tasty and inexpensive foods there!

Big Bug

I think it's some sort of grasshopper thingie. Though kinda scary compared to the little green ones I've seen before.

Jabbers the Toad

We see Jabbers every single night. I picked him up tonight, and he didn't care for it, but I put him back. And I washed my hands.

PHI Display

Snapped a photo of our advertising of the pamphlets in the PHI display case. Hope people love them!