Monday, October 11, 2010

Odd Beverages

This is a can of young coconut juice with pulp from Thailand. It kinda looks like dirty water in a cup with bits of filth but it tasted pretty good (Stan begs to differ). They take the juice out of green coconuts and sweeten it, and put some soft coconut bits in it. I had to try it, I'm a coconut fan!

The Mr. Brown line of coffee beverages is pretty darn tasty. They have bottles and cans and can be found at every store here it seems like. And they're like 89 cents for a can instead of those crazy $3.50 starbucks bottles back home.

These juice box style milk teas are pretty darn good as well. The strawberry one tastes like strawberry milk and there's a plain one too which just tastes like sweet tea with milk. They're made with black tea, sweetener, creamer, and flavors. The slogan is "My Way My Life My Milk Tea" :)

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