Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friday's Lunch

We tried what can be called "our favorite" place today once again! Saigon Vietnamese restaurant with the $5 lunch special. I had the barbecue chicken which was soooo tasty, seasoned bits of chicken with veggies and rice with dipping sauce! Stan had a DELICIOUS spicy chicken noodle dish where they mixed thin noodles in with veggies and chicken and spicy tasty sauce. The soup was different today, it was egg drop, which is my ultimate fave as far as asian soups go. Even though I really don't care for their kimchee, the endless sweetened iced tea and the tasty soup and main dishes for $5 will keep us coming back many times I'm sure :)


  1. Take of that Hawaiian shirt, youre not in Hawaii anymore :)


  2. This dish looks like boobies. I bet it was awesome! :P